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Morgue Refrigerators

Reliable Cold Storage and Optimum Space Utilization

No company has a stronger tradition of excellence in the design and construction of temperature-sensitive products than CSI/Jewett. Many years of quality engineering and manufacturing craftsmanship have made CSI/Jewett the leading manufacturer of morgue and laboratory refrigerators and freezers. With our unmatched expertise, you know that you can count on CSI/Jewett to produce morgue refrigerators and freezers which excel in ease of operation, temperature uniformity, energy efficiency and long-term dependability.

CSI/Jewett morgue refrigerators and freezers are constructed of the best materials known for this special application.

  • Exterior fronts are clad with heavy-gauge, polished stainless steel.
  • Sides, backs, tops, interior walls and ceiling use stucco embossed aluminum.
  • Tongue-in-groove style panels for sure-fitting, tight-seal wall construction.
  • Hermetically sealed compressors and quality-engineered refrigeration systems help provide operation temperature uniformity.
  • Fast response to changes in cabinet temperature, ambient conditions, product loadings and door openings.

Specializing in the design of systems, CSI/Jewett offers a wide variety of capacities and configurations from one body to hundreds. Compartmentalized designs include:

  • End-opening
  • Side-opening
  • Roll-in
  • End-opening/roll-in combinations
  • Pass-through applications to load and unload in separate rooms

All models are available with self-contained or remote mechanical systems to suit your facility’s needs.

Walk-in refrigerators or freezers are available in many design configurations with numerous standard and optional features.

All CSI/Jewett morgue refrigerators and freezers can be customized to your unique needs, usage and facility requirements. Our Morgue Autopsy Planning (MAP) service is available to help you define equipment and space coordination needs for present and future demands.

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